Dr. Reeder is a dedicated therapist and supervisor who helps instill passion for the profession in those around her with her patience to teach and mentor. Her years of skill in the field and her knowledge qualify her as a supervisor, while her compassion and cheerfulness make her a joy to work with. She is very warm, builds rapport quickly, and has the ability to make others feel comfortable. As her former supervisee, I always found her empathetic, open to questions and always able to provide sound insight and clinical expertise. Sitting in her office during individual supervision, I always felt heard and validated, while also thoughtfully challenged to view the clinical issue through a different lens or try a therapeutic approach not previously attempted. One of the most valuable aspects of these sessions, for me, was her ability to help me engage in a personal exploration of myself, my own life story, and how my experiences may be shaping my work as a therapist. She helped me to become more in tune with myself both personally and professionally.