SHIFT N.O.W.! Life Affirmation Cards


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Shift N.O.W.! (No Opportunity to Wait) is a set of affirmation cards created to assist in changing the negative and self-defeating narratives we may have about ourselves. Consequently, because of varying life experiences, many of us are overwhelmed with emotional scars that have caused us to feel emotionally depleted and defeated, and therefore, becoming an active participant in their negative self-perceptions. The time is N.O.W. to SHIFT our non-productive thoughts of self into words of Power, Movement, and Healing!! Shift N.O.W.! and move forward BOLDLY!

How to Use Cards:

The cards enclosed in this package can be placed alongside a mirror, car visor, or anywhere that you can see, read, reflect, and repeat daily. Create a reading routine. Use a journal to Reflect your thoughts specific to the cards you are reading. Believe what you are reading. Practice what you are learning. Repeat until change happens and what you are reading becomes your reality!