Growth Can Be Uncomfortable & Messy, But Necessary for Change to Occur.

I needed to stop doing many things in my life to start fresh in a new direction, with new perspectives and attitudes. But with change comes loss and the task of letting go. Letting go of people, places, and things, and my stinking thinking was scary and uncomfortable partly because of my attachments.

While change can be difficult, I have become a better woman because of the change I seek and continue to go after. Honest introspection continues to be the key to my growth and confidence building. It’s hard to look at yourself, see your own toxicity, and be accountable to effect change.

Can you relate??

For real change to occur, you will have to face some hard truths about yourself and your behaviors. Trust and believe, I checked out of this process way too many times. My insecurities were like kryptonite in some areas of my life. I was tired of doubting myself. Tired of wishing I could do a thing because of my lack of confidence. I took a chance on me and fought back to re-discover who I was all along! A POWERHOUSE!!!

You are not too old to change or a “lost cause”! Just know that with change comes a process.

Your Process! Your Growth! Your Journey!

Reflect. Release. Redefine.

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