Want Dr. Reeder as a Speaker at your event?

Career Highlights

  • Founder of Soul Care Services, LLC
  • Founder of A Better Me Academy
  • Founder of Beautiful Period TShirt Apparel 
  • Founder of Transparency Talk
  • Co-Author of Pink Sister’s Chronicles : It Takes A Village
  • Author of A Better Me Wellness Guide
  • Author of Manifest Accountability Workbook
  • Envisioned, planned and organized A Crown of Beauty for Ashes Women’s Retreat to Nassau, Bahamas, South Carolina, and Philadelphia
  • Planned and organized two HIV Prevention & Education Conference with over 1600 attendees in Philadelphia
  • Recipient of the No More Secrets Award

Contact us to bring Dr. Tashina in as a motivational keynote  speaker for your event! She travels from Philadelphia, PA. 

Meet Dr. Reeder!

I am a SURVIVOR! A therapist, educator, speaker, author, entrepreneur, and educational event planner. I am a life enthusiast. I enjoy traveling, eating exotic food, art, reading, and film. I am a good listener, lover of music and dance, and desire to learn how to play the guitar.


Like many of us, I have had my share of life challenges that have become my strength and God-given purpose. As a survivor of life’s circumstances, I suffered in silence for many years due to shame from Intimate Partner Violence, Cancer, and HIV contracted while married. I was consumed with worry and crippled by stigma and the opinions of others in fear of judgment. Consequently, fear caused me to suffocate the essence of my authenticity.


Through faith, prayer, and therapy, I reached a level of healing and transparency that has been liberating and ever-evolving. The process of vulnerability has become my friend. I believe my go through is someone else’s get through. Because of my life experiences, I have been blessed with opportunities to teach and empower men, women, and young ladies alike to move beyond their pain through education and the sharing of my story in hopes to bring about healing and self-love in others. My adversities have become my purpose of inspiring confidence in others through transparency.

Key Notes

Dr. Reeder’s speaker sessions are based around the “how to” mentally Win in life, career, relationships or business.  At the end of her presentations attendees have “take aways” they can apply to their current situation immediately.  As a speaker she empowers them to


  • Take massive action
  • Be determined
  • Be disciplined
  • Embrace the process
  • Lastly, Be Accountable


She is highly aware of what is needed to impact, empower and motivate people to take responsibility of the own life.

Keynote Speaking Topics


  •  The But God Experience: From Gratitude to Purpose to Abundant Living
  • The Inspired Underdog: 7 Principles to Breakthrough Emotional RoadBlocks Into Fearless Living
  • Manifest N.O.W.! : 7 Strategies to Make Your Dreams A Reality
  • Imposter Syndrome Be Gone: The MBA of Confidence Building